Lindsey Germany Robbins (2018)

Lindsey has been a lifelong member of St. John’s and was baptized in the church in 1963.  Her grandparents and her parents were active members of St. John’s. Her parents were married in the church in 1951.  She and her husband, Jim, have three children, Jimmy (23), John (15) and George (15) all of whom attended St. John’s Parish Day School, were active in the youth group and serve(d) as acolytes.  Lindsey attended St. John’s Parish Day School, graduated from Clemson University, and worked in banking before raising her family.  She remains active in the community and serves on several boards including those of Mary Lee’s House and the H.B. Plant Museum Society.  She was a past member of the St. John’s School Board, as well as a Sunday School teacher for many years.  Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family, running, playing tennis and attending Bible Study Fellowship.