October 7, 2019

Dear St. John’s Parishioner:
I’m excited by this year’s stewardship theme, “Shining Our Light.” That theme, taken from the fifth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, speaks to us as individuals and as a community of faith.

Individually, each of us is called to make sure we are letting God’s light shine through our work, our friendships, our service and our giving. We are called to be light bearers. It is a powerful calling.

As a faith community, St. John’s must shine the light of Christ through our worship, welcoming, pastoral care and ministry to the wider community. How we use our time, talents, and treasure determines how brightly we are shining our light. Each light is different, but all equally important.

At St. John’s, I’m often blown away by the various ways members of our church keep their light shining brightly. Just last month, we highlighted the over 50 different active Ministries that members of our church volunteer through to keep their light shining brightly for their own individual calling and their contribution to the faith community in which we serve.

Some lights that shine bright for my family and myself include support to Faith Café on Sandwich Sundays, active involvement in the Fathers’ and Children’s Ministries, and even more recently my daughter will be serving St. John’s as an acolyte. Others participate in our worship either by singing in the choir, assisting in the service preparing the worship space with flowers or altar vestments among other ministries. Many of us also represent the church in our participation of various community service programs around St. John’s and the Tampa Bay Community.

Service in both of these areas are vital for the health of our parish and to the community that we live. Equally as important is the ability to provide the proper financial support to the church to continue the efforts for you as individuals and for the community. 13 years ago, as a young family, my wife and I made a commitment to support the church in both ways, through our service and through the needed annual financial pledge.

During this pledge drive, please keep in mind that our Annual Budget is generated based on similar financial pledge commitments made each year. Of the 572 current Parishioners at St. John’s about 320 are accounted for in this current year’s pledge commitment. Expanding the commitments made from just a handful of parishioners can make a big impact on the available budget for 2020. Please keep this in mind when asked to make a financial pledge for the coming year and know that we are also extremely grateful for the many gifts of time, food, and skills from virtually every member of this church.

I hope you’ll join Kim and myself and the rest of the stewardship ministry team as we work together to shine our light in church, in our community and in our lives.


Carleton Compton                                                                  Kim O’Brien
Co-Chair, Stewardship Committee                               Co-Chair, Stewardship Committee