October 10, 2018

Dear St. John’s Parishioner,

As Stewardship Chairs for this year’s Every Member Canvass pledge drive at St. John’s Episcopal Church, we are energized by this year’s stewardship theme, “Transforming Generosity.”  We like it because it has two meanings:

  • The first meaning is in how we can transform what generosity looks like. We can define generosity as the way we live our lives and the way our church works in the community. Yes, we are called to be financially generous. Yet, we are also called to be generous in the way we welcome newcomers, care for the planet, forgive those who have offended us, and care for our facilities.
  • The second way to look at it is that generosity can transform us, our community and our church. When we become financially generous, we can empower the ministry of John’s and transform the wider community.

This year’s pledge drive is about more than our parish budget. It is about how we transform generosity and allow generosity to transform us. We know our lives can be changed through this work.

Here is how we will be Transforming Generosity in the days and weeks ahead:

  • By now you should have received a letter from Father Connelly suggesting that each of us commit to a standard of giving that reflects our standard of living. For that purpose, enclosed you will find a pledge packet. In the coming weeks, please pray over what your pledge will be and either return the pledge card to the Church office or place it in the Offering plate any time between now and November 4th. 
  • Beginning this Sunday, and continuing throughout the pledge drive, our Sunday bulletin will include reflections written by Episcopal leaders from across the country, discussing stewardship and faithful giving in connection with the Gospel reading of the day.
  • The last two weeks of October we will hear from your fellow parishioners about how they are personally transforming generosity. We hope each one of us will prayerfully consider the written and spoken Sunday reflections during our pledge campaign. They represent a variety of voices from across the Church.
  • We will celebrate Commitment Sunday on November 4th. This will be the culmination of our transforming effort. Pledges will be completed and offered as an act of worship and in response to all that God has provided.

Father Connelly, the Vestry, and the stewardship ministry team have set a goal of receiving 100% of pledge commitments from our worshiping community by November 4.  Obtaining all of our pledges by Commitment Sunday will allow us to move forward in our parish mission.  Our prayer will be intentional that each of us remains open to letting the Holy Spirit guide us as we work together to transform generosity in our church, our community and our lives.

Yours in Christ,

Ned Roberts                                                                Carleton Compton
Co- Chair, Stewardship Committee                            Co- Chair, Stewardship Committee